Pregnancy & Acupuncture
“This is my passion and joy and what I most enjoy about my Acupuncture practice. It’s being creative in producing placid and contented babies. I have one of my own to prove it.”
– Selwyn Wong Doo – Acupuncturists.

Do you want a “Contented and Healthy Baby?”

Well, this is one of your BEST INVESTMENTS.

We specialize in treating mother & baby, “prenatal and post natal.”

We find that mothers who have Acupuncture from 36 weeks onwards have a better chance of giving birth to a placid, healthy and contented baby, an ABSOLUTE JOY to look after.

In other words, happy babies!

Forget the past when you had those crying, upset colicky babies. This is the latest advancement and technology in modern Acupuncture.

Through careful placement of the Acupuncture needles and with gentle and soothing Chinese Tui Na massage we can enhance the wellbeing of the baby.

ACUPUNCTURE also offers a safe, effective and DRUG FREE treatment option after pregnancy for Post-Natal Depression.

Benefits of Acupuncture to the Baby:

  • Promotes the wellbeing of the baby while still in the womb
  • Less stress for the baby on arrival
  • Reduced allergies before baby is born
  • Stronger immune system & constitution
  • Reduced occurrence of colic

Benefits of Acupuncture to the New Mother:

  • Helps back and shoulder aches
  • Reduce blood pressure & toxemia
  • Breech babies can be turned
  • Posterior babies can be turned
  • Reduced labour pains
  • Induction treatment if the baby is overdue
  • Increase breast milk
  • Helps anaemia
  • Helps constipation, haemorrhoids & varicose veins
  • Faster recovery after birth
  • Helps tiredness & increase energy levels
  • Help in preventing post-natal depression by the balancing the energies

To achieve these benefits for MOTHER & BABY:
You need weekly Acupuncture treatments from 36 weeks onwards and perhaps 4 weeks after the birth. These treatments will be approximately 45 -60 mins per session. This will be one of your BEST INVESTMENTS for you and for your baby’s future.
We have helped many New Zealanders in this gentle way of healing.

Jan – baby girl:
“She’s placid, very sensitive, can’t tell her off, great talker, confident, gregarious and full of personality, lots of energy.”

Barbara – baby boy:
“He’s quiet, eats well, sleeps all the time and has to be woken to be feed. What a delight. I’ll think I’ll have another child.”

Michelle – aged 42, 1st child, daughter:
“Very placid, sleeps a lot, grandma is happy with the contented baby, she is the envy of the coffee group and can be handed around to all the other mums without fuss.”

Elizabeth – aged 34, 1st child, a son:
“Four hour labour, he’s placid and a joy to look after.”

Acupuncture also helps the follow:

  • Morning sickness
  • Neck and back aches
  • Helps prevents miscarriages
  • Promotes optimum health & wellbeing of the fetus

Postnatal Care:

  • Reduce stretch marks
  • Reduce the “wind” that is left in the abdomen after birth
  • A special diet for the first 3 weeks after delivery to help shrink the stomach
  • Scar tissue repair
  • Insufficient lactation/increase breast milk
  • Depression
  • Urinary incontinence

In the first trimester, morning sickness, hormonal changes, threatened miscarriages, back aches are the most common ailments. Acupuncture, Massage, some homeopathic remedies and Chinese herbs can help to alleviate these conditions.

The last weeks of the pregnancy is the most important time to prepare the mother for the forthcoming birth. This is the time when we have a chance to reduce as many allergies that may be passed on from both parents e.g. asthma, food allergies, skin problems, digestive issues. The whole idea is to treat the mother and make her as healthy as possible. This healthiness will be passed onto the newborn child. Having Acupuncture in the last 4 weeks will help to relax the baby, creating a friendly, secure and relaxed environment for his/her entry. It will also relax the pelvic region and turn the baby if it is in a breech or posterior position. Labour pains are greatly reduced and have been known to reduce to about 4 hours.

For many generations the Chinese believe those 2 weeks before birth, the body needs to be balanced, so there is a special diet of foods that a pregnant mother needs to avoid. The body goes into a “hot” state (like a too acid stage); therefore cooling foods are introduced to balance the body’s energies. Chinese herbs and homeopathic remedies are given to help bruising and the trauma of the birth.
3 weeks after the birth, there is another diet to go on. The body is considered to be in a “cold” state (like a too alkaline stage), and therefore requires warming and hot foods. This diet is the opposite of the pre-birth diet. The Chinese have many remedies to help activate breast milk, reduce the abdomen, bring the organs back into position, reduce bleeding and help to restore the vital calcium & blood that is lost during birth.

You have only one chance to ensure that your baby is as healthy as possible prior to birth. If a baby is born healthy and strong, with a strong constitution, then that child will have a good start in life. He/she will have sustained energy and vitality and the drive for life.

The Wong Doo Health Clinic makes no guarantees as each person differs with progress.
We have a family history of Acupuncture for over 75 years in Auckland.

Happy mum and baby